Simple and Easy Blackberry Fruit Leather

It's blackberry season again and we've got berries coming out of our ears, not to mention that I think my fingers are permanently purple! We've been making pies and jams like crazy, but still have so many berries that I needed to preserve them FAST. Making jam and canning is extremely time consuming and heats up my kitchen more than I can handle. Fruit leather, on the other hand took only 15 minutes of prep and cleanup time, and preserved A LOT of berries into a delicious snack. 

This recipe can be followed with really any type of fruit or berry, but blackberries are just what I happened to have on hand. 

To make, combine all of your fruit in a blender and blend on high for two minutes. You do not want to add any water as it works better the thicker it is. Blend it well, though, as any whole berries or large chunks will make it harder to dehydrate. You can use all one fruit or combine them. When making mine, I cut my berries with a jar of unsweetened canned apples to stretch them even further and give them a little extra sweetness. 

Some people do not own a blender or do not have electricity; in that case you can simply mash your fruit with a potato masher or a hand crank food mill. You may need to heat it to a simmer momentarily before doing this to soften it enough. Remember that you want the texture to be as consistent as possible. Similar to applesauce is the best way I can describe it. 

Once you've made your fruit into a sauce, spread it evenly on dehydrator sheets. You want to put it on thick (at least 1/4 inch) because it will shrink as it dehydrates and you do not want your fruit leather to be too thin to get off the sheet later. 


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