Canned Corn Relish Recipe

Sweet corn season! Today I decided to venture deep into the corn jungle to see what I could glean. It turns out that the corn did fairly well; I harvested about a third of our field and ended up with three laundry baskets full (yes, I do quite a bit of our harvesting into the same laundry basket we use for our laundry). With my glut of corn all shucked, blanched, and cut from the cob, I quickly looked up a canning recipe to see that times. I don't know why this hadn't occured to me all day, but once I looked it up, I remembered that corn needs to be pressure canned. Oh, yeah... 

Well, shoot, I don't have time for that. Okay, what else can I do with it. Can you pickle corn? Well, it turns out that you can! I'd never heard of pickled corn before, but it turns out that corn relish is kind of a big deal. I guess other people are just as lazy (or rushed) as I am when it comes to canning. 

Without changing the ration of vinegar to vegetables, I glommed together several different recipes to accommodate what I had on hand and to reduce the amount of sugar. Here's my simple version of corn relish. 

20 Cups of Corn 
6 Cups Sweet Peppers
1 Large Tomato
4 Cups White Vinegar
2 Cups Water 
4 TBS Salt 
3 TBS Mustard Seed 
1 TBS Celery Seed
1 TBS Pepper 
4 TBS Cane Sugar or Honey 

Chop peppers and tomatoes finely. Mix all ingredients together in a large pot and simmer for 20 minutes. Pack in sanitized jars and water bath can for 20 minutes. Makes approximately 15 pints. 

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