Root Cellar Inventory- August 2016

***This is the second post in a series documenting how many canned goods we've put up month by month. To see the first post, July, click HERE***

We're two months into canning season and the shelves are filling up! So far, our cucumbers have been our biggest garden harvests, bringing in over 20 lbs a day. Although we've barely been able to keep up, canning several days a week, we've canned over 100 quarts of pickles between me and Jordan. We've also canned peaches, salsa, tomato juice, and tomatoes. On top of all the canning, our excalibur dehydrator has been running almost 24/7 as we've been drying several hundred pounds of mushrooms! They've dried down to 22 quart jars cram-packed. We've also dried about 20 lbs of bell peppers, which dried down to just 5 quarts jars. 

Although we've been canning veggies like crazy, our meat supply is running low and not being replenished. Hopefully, we will be able to obtain some venison in the fall to hold us through the winter. I'm also hoping to can some potatoes, corn, carrots, tomatoes, and beets in the next month.  I've already harvested one bed of potatoes, which yielded about only about a third of a tote box full (we store our potatoes in tote boxes in the root cellar). Hopefully, the 7 remaining beds will do better. 

We share the root cellar with another couple, so only half of these are ours. 

The list below does not include dry goods and root vegetables, only what goes into a mason jar. Where you see a " symbol, it means that the amount has remained the same since the last month. Also, the empty three columns on the far right are reserved for the next three months inventory. 

                      JULY                                       AUGUST                                                      
Green Beans
10 quarts

7 Quarts 6 Pints
7 quarts 5 pints

Turkey Soup (From Sue)
2 Quarts

Wild Turkey
6 Quarts (2 Broth)
5 quarts

1 Quart 2.5 half pints, 1 half pint concentrate

1 Pint

6 half pints 2 pints

2 Pints
1 pint

Maple Syrup
2 half pints
1  half pint

2 Pints 1 half pint

Apple Sauce
1 pint  1 half pint

Bread and Butter Pickles
3 Quarts 1 Pint
26 quarts 8 pints

Dill Pickles
3 Quart 1 Pint
17 quarts

1 Quart
4 quarts

Strawberrry Sauce
4 Pints

Blackberry Jam
4 Pint

8 Pints 11 Quart
11 quarts 6 pints

Chicken Soup
5 Quarts

Dried Mushrooms
5 Quarts
22 quarts

Dill Pickled Purslane
3 quarts 1 pint

6 quarts 7 pints

8 pints

Tomato juice
3 pints

Dried Peppers
3 quarts

Thanks for following our root cellar inventory! Let us know in the comments below: What have you put up this month and what are you hoping to put up before the winter?

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