Our Root Cellar Inventory September 2016

This is the third post in a series. To read about what I put up in July, click HERE. To see our August inventory, click HERE. This way you can see how our root cellar filled up over the summer. 

Okay, I think it is official, I'm addicted to canning. As I watch the root cellar fill up (I've started filling a whole new shelf!), I just want to can absolutely everything. We have so much, but somehow it just isn't enough. 

Despite a rough patch in the garden, I've still been canning several times a week. Unfortunately, unlike the pickles I was canning in July and August, most of it has to be pressure canned and my canner has been acting up, so I'm having to re-can more than should be necessary. Any thoughts on why good seal rates go down drastically, despite doing the exact same thing as before?

For this reason, I've been pickling things that I normally wouldn't, like green tomatoes and corn. I've also been making really fun items, like corn cob jelly, green tomato salsa, and squash pineapple! Squash pineapple is one of my new favorite recipes, as you can tell by my stash of 10 pints, becaues it takes something that I really don't like, squash, and turns it into something that I love: crushed pineapple! Canning is magical. 

I've also been slowly picking away at the remaining quarter of venison that was in the freezer. After today, I will finally have all of the chunks of meat canned and it only took me 6 months to do it! We try not to waste any part of the animal, though, so that means I've been making gallons of bone broth. I still have a couple of large bones in the freezer, though, that will have to be finished after I come back from my camping trip next week. In order to kill two birds in one stone, I've been adding carrots and potatoes to my broth to make a hardy soup and to preserve some veggies without canning them separately. 

This month, September, I'm hoping to put up many more cans of potatoes, carrots, and definitely more spaghetti sauce (there can never be enough spaghetti sauce). We've also been working on putting up some alternative sources of protein for the winter, namely sunflower seeds, hickory nuts, black walnuts, and acorns. While we grew the sunflowers ourselves, the rest is 100% foraged. It's been super fun going out to collect nuts, despite the fact that it takes quite a long time to hike to my prime nut harvesting spots, it has been a nice respite from the craziness of the garden and the canning. It seems to have been a poor year for black walnuts and the acorns have yet to drop in full force, but the hickory nuts are in full swing! 

Oh, also, I'm running out of canning jars. 

This is what we have in our root cellar (minus dried goods) as of 
September 1st 2016. 


Green Beans
10 quarts

7 Quarts 6 Pints
7 q 5 p
8 q 9 p

Turkey Soup (From Sue)
2 Quarts

Wild Turkey
6 Quarts (2 Broth)
5 q
5 q

1 Quart 2.5 half pints, 1 half pint concentrate

1 Pint

6 half pints 2 pints

2 Pints
1 pint

Maple Syrup
2 half pints
1  half pint

2 Pints 1 half pint

Apple Sauce
1 pint  1 half pint

Bread and Butter Pickles
3 Quarts 1 Pint
26 quarts 8 pints
32 q 8 p

Dill Pickles
3 Quart 1 Pint
17 quarts
26 q

1 Quart
4 quarts

Strawberry Sauce
4 Pints

Blackberry Jam
4 Pint

8 Pints 11 Quart
11 quarts 6 pints
10 q 5 p

Garbanzo Beans
3 Cans

Baked Beans
2 Cans

Chicken Soup
5 Quarts
8 q

Dried Mushrooms
5 Quarts
22 quarts
31 q

Dill Pickled Purslane
3 quarts 1 pint

6 quarts 7 pints
5 q 7 p

8 pints

Tomato juice
3 pints

Dried Peppers
2 quarts
3 q

Venison Soup

5 q

Pickled Beets
4 q 2 p

Pickled Jalapenos
1 q 7 ½ p
3 ¼ p

Green Tomato Relish
3 p

Zucchini Pineapple
10 p

Mature Green Beans
7 q

Salsa Verde
6 p

5 q 1 p

Corn Relish
6 p

Canned Corn
2 q 1 ½ p

Spaghetti Sauce
1 q 1 ½ p

This is the third post in a series. To read about what I put up in July, click HERE. To see our August inventory, click HERE. This way you can see how our root cellar filled up over the summer. 

Thanks for following our root cellar inventory! Let us know in the comments below: What have you put up this month and what are you hoping to put up before the winter?


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