One Year of Blogging: The Best of Stone Axe

It has been exactly one year today since this foolhardy website came into this world kicking and screaming. Almost 100 posts, at least that many cups of coffee, much cursing and vigorous backspacing later and here we are. 

Not once did it crossed my mind on that dreary January day that my blossom of naivety would be pollinated by the well-meaning, but overexagerated, encouragement of my friends and family and would come to yield this fruit of my labor. This big, ugly fruit, like a bushel of half rotten, wormy apples picked up off the side of the road from some snarled old apple tree that hasn’t seen the likes of tending since Johnny Appleseed himself. But hey, even the mangiest apple make good cider. If these apples were picked up by some rich slow foodie, they might even be called heirloom, and the cider artisanal. So drink it up my friends! It might taste like crap, but at least we had a hell of a time making it. And don’t mind the worms, they just add a little extra protein. 

Mad ravings and incoherent metaphors aside, I’d like to present to you (drumroll please!) the best of Stone Axe! Well, okay, it might not be the best and it is definitely not the most popular (you’ve already seen those), but these are my all time favorite posts, month by month, back to the very beginning. Enjoy! 

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